LAMchester after market party, 7pm-10.30pm

Finish off the day with a blend of play (try out your new toys!), a few drinks, and chat with friends old and new.

At 6pm the market closes, the stalls pack up and leave, and the crew prepare the venue for the after party with a full range of dungeon furniture so you don’t miss out on that last chance to play. There is also is a quiet area that is reserved for bondage and offers an opulent yet relaxing atmosphere with a suspension frame.

LAMchester after party, September 2019

We offer a unique mixture of play and socialising with plenty of opportunities to try out those new toys you purchased during the day or your existing favourites. There is no pressure to play and no dress code although fetish and kink are always encouraged.

Admission is £10 for a combined ticket to the market and after party, available from Ticket Tailor.
Tickets must be purchased in advance, and there are no ‘party only’ tickets.

Dungeon Rules and Party Protocol

  • Please remember the after party is held in a licenced venue and, therefore, genital exposure and/or full nudity are illegal as are any acts of a sexual nature.
  • All play must be consensual, if you are playing in a more extreme manner you must inform the crew before you start to ensure that others do not attempt to interrupt your play.
  • The universal safewords are “RED” and “SAFEWORD” and all guests and crew have a shared responsibility to stop any play should they be heard.
  • Please report any issues of concern as soon as possible to members of the crew and allow them to deal with the matter.
  • If you appear to be overly intoxicated with alcohol you will be asked to leave the venue as this could be dangerous to people that are playing.
  • We have a zero tolerance attitude towards drugs and should anyone be caught taking drugs on the premises they will incur a lifetime ban.
  • Please clean any dungeon furniture used after play with wipes provided.
  • Please do not rearrange the furniture as you may be blocking the disabled toilet and the fire exits.
  • No photography (including mobile phones). If you want to have a picture taken please ask the official photographer to do so for you.
    This is to ensure the privacy of all our guests. If you have issues with your face being visible, masks are available upon request.
  • Treat others as you would wish to be treated, remember ‘no’ means ‘no’.
  • Play that involves bodily fluids is prohibited at the event as are needles and blood play.
  • The LAM crew share details of anyone who has broken the rules of our event with any promoter and event organisers who requests to be informed of such issues.
  • In the unlikely event of a dispute or disagreement, the LAM crew will listen to both sides of the issue but any decision that they make is final.
  • We reserve the right to stop any play we consider dangerous or that could lead to the venue losing their licence.
  • Have Fun

Please feel free to seek the attention of any of our house dominants by approaching them yourself,
or ask a member of the crew to approach them on your behalf.

If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact us.