LAMchester kink reading group

Everywhere, there is an increase of BDSM and fetishism representations in the public consciousness, oftentimes detached from any serious concern for what might be implicated in doing and thinking about BDSM.

However, there is a wealth of thinking, researching and theorizing behind BDSM, and behind how it connects to the wider world of sexualities. We therefore introduce you to the LAMchester kink reading group, which will be held in the upstairs bar at Revolution Deansgate from 1-3pm. Hosted and chaired by @v_leinad.

LAMchester kink reading group, upstairs bar, Revolution Deansgate

Through this reading group, we will try to bring awareness to historically important figures and their thinking about BDSM, as well as open space for people to critically engage with authors, ideas and theories; to confront them with their own experience and to collaborate on keeping BDSM a reflexive and intellectually fertile ground for everyone to challenge themselves.

Every month, we meet for about two hours to debate and problematize a previously selected text. If you would like to attend a discussion, please ensure that you have read the relevant article beforehand.