Printed ABDL inspired nappies and apparel including onesies.

4 tape Diapers, 2 Tape Diapers, Hook & Loop Diapers, Crinklz Diapers, Incontinence Brands, Diaper Boosters, Diapersuits, T-Shirts, Stickers, and ABU Swag (beanies, caps, mugs, etc.).

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Here at ABUniverse we know that AB/DL opinions matter, why? Because our team is 100% AB/DL and we talk about the products we like and want more of! Thanks to the “big boys” Casey Strom and our dedicated diaper team, we’re making it happen by staying active in our local and online communities; listening to your feedback and want to make the way you buy diapers awesome and easy! Additionally, we use our own products on a daily basis and constantly listen to your experiences so we can focus on any improvements to make. One thing we always do is listen to you, the feedback we receive from the community helps us make ABU better for everyone!