Hello & welcome to -ElectroWolf- the stall where people can find lots of electrifying toys, evil attachments beautiful vintage restored violet wands and of course the newer type wands.

I am extremely passionate about electrics I find nothing more interesting and satisfying in designing and making items for Violet wands and of course restoring vintage wands it is a passion more so than a job/hobby of Mine, I am also slightly sadistic when it comes to making attachments for the violet wands and I also undertake custom work.

I would never sell anything that I would not use myself. I am more than happy to use the products on anyone that asks nicely.

I am more than happy to deliver workshops on violet wands/conductive wax/needle play with violet wands and trade at your event/your Munch, club or play event please PM to enquire.


  • Vintage Violet Wands – ( I also undertake work to re-store vintage violet wands please PM to enquire or come and speak to Me at LAMchester. I have been restoring vintage wands for over 15 years now)
  • Violet Wands
  • Bespoke Violet Wand Attachments
  • Conductive Wax sets & Conductive wax melts
  • Induction Plates
  • Conductive Hybrid Floggers
  • Conductive Feathers
  • Conductive Contact Pads
  • The Tizit Wheel
  • The tala Pop
  • The Electric Torture Chair
  • The Little Box Of Ouch

**Much More!! Keep checking our photos & updates for products **

Etsy Shop:

There is also an Etsy shop where some of our products are, we do not place all of our items on there especially the vintage violet wands

Etsy shop

Website: https://www.etsy.com/uk/shop/PainfulPleasure

Email:- electrowolf2017@outlook.com